1. Register and setup your business online


It will take less than a minute to register your company online.  Each company gets its own dedicated, secured database.  You can then setup your company locations/branches and employees in the system.  Everything is self-service.


2. Create customized gift & loyalty programs


Through easy-to-use screens and wizards, you can create gift and loyalty programs tailored for your business.  You can then assign these programs to any locations/branches and any card/mobile numbers in your organization.  You have great flexibility to do whatever you like.




In order to assist you with acquiring, engaging, and retaining existing and new customers, you can design and deploy six different types of marketing programs to your customers: (1) Standard gift programs, (2) Point-based loyalty programs, (3) Event-based loyalty programs, (4) Product or service-based loyalty programs, (5) Membership-based loyalty programs, and (6) Game-based loyalty programs (coming soon).


3. Process gift & loyalty transactions using mobile devices


You have great flexibility in how you process your transactions.  Since our software is open-source, it can be accessed via any web-enabled device, including point of sale systems, computers, tablets, and smartphones.



Your customers also have great flexibility in how they want to pay for the products and services they purchase.  They can opt for the traditional approach and swipe their plastic card at the point-of-sale.  Or they can use our mobile app to create digital versions of their plastic cards in the form of a QR code or barcode and scan it at the point-of-sale for payment.  Or they can simply use their mobile number with a passcode to pay for items at the point-of-sale.




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