Did you know there are approximately 4.1 billion mobile phones in the world? The US alone has 276 million mobile users! In the US, more than 740 billion text messages were sent during the first half of 2009. This remarkable revolution - widespread access to the most ubiquitous communication device in human history - has changed the way societies and communities organize themselves and do business.

Mobile is the future and our mobile services will allow you to target this vast network of people. We currently offer Mobile Gift & Loyalty and Mobile Transfer Solutions and we will be adding Mobile Advertising Solutions soon.

Our Mobile Gift & Loyalty Solution turns your customers' phones into payment devices. Your customers can use our APP to store their gift & loyalty cards as QR codes or barcodes in their smartphones. They can then scan the codes at the point-of-sale to pay for products & services. Our software also allows you to store your customers' mobile number with a passcode, enabling your customers to pay for items with their mobile phones at the point-of-sale.

Our Mobile Gift & Loyalty Solution provides several benefits to your business:

  • It offers several new payment options to your customers.
  • It reduces your transaction costs by converting some of your credit card transactions to gift & loyalty card transactions.
  • It provides a convenience to your customers by allowing them to pay with their phone.
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